July 25, 2014 8:00am | by:

The MOTO ARMORY in East Moline, IL houses the world's largest private collection of dirt motorcycles. On Saturday, August 2 from 9am-3pm they will open their doors to the public and admission is free!

With over 600 motorcycles there is something for everyone at The MOTO ARMORY including historic motocross bikes, ISDT, Speedway, Dirt Track, Hillclimbers and more...from Malcolm Smith to Jeremy McGrath to John Penton. Production bikes, prototypes and of course true "works bikes" all in one spot, ready for an enthusiasts viewing pleasure.

In addition to the Open House, MOTO ARMORY is offering for sale some of its cache of over-stock motorcycles. The machines are mostly unrestored Japanese, European and American bikes from all different years and makes and they will be available for this one-day sale. Buyers: bring cash, an extra set of tie-downs, and take home a special piece of motorcycle history!

This event is in support of the AMA National Vintage Motocross to be held Sunday, August 3 at nearby Sunset Ridge located in Walnut, IL.

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