Asterisk and Virus Action Announce Debut of Performance Apparel

July 25, 2014 5:30pm




Fountain Valley, CA – July 2014 — Industry leaders Asterisk and VIRUS Action Sport Performance are thrilled to introduce a brand new product to the marketplace and announce their partnership in creating the first ever specialized performance apparel. Under the Asterisk banner, these unique collaboration pieces were officially unveiled July 1st and have since seen tremendous interest.

“Announcing a new product is always an exciting time for us, especially when we are able to team up with such a great brand such as Asterisk,” said Sten Rasmussen, VP of Marketing for VIRUS. “We are confident that athletes will appreciate and benefit from the well thought out design and effectiveness of the apparel.”

After much research and seeing a rising need for this type of product, both companies decided to design something functionally better in a knee brace product for athletes. This collaboration consists of a patent pending functional knee brace pant called the Zero G Pant. The Asterisk team created a pant that envelops the knee brace, which allows it to keep the brace in place utilizing compression from the hips. VIRUS added the specialized fabrics and compression fits to improve athletic performance.

“The brand new Zero G performance knee pant was born out of a need and solution for those who require this product in their sport,” stated Rasmussen. “We were approached by Asterisk over a year ago and since then have been feverishly working and testing it on many of Asterisk’s motocross athletes and are now ready to reveal it to the public!”

Just to name a few, some of these athletes include Davi Millsaps and a hand full of Asterisk test riders. “These new VIRUS pants are probably the best thing a company has ever created for knee braces,” said Millsaps.

Former pro motocross racer and current Suzuki Test Rider, Chris Wheeler, said that he knew he liked the new pant, but indicated that it wasn’t until the companies took back the product from him that he realized how much he needed it. “I had become aware that I was wearing regular knee braces again without the Asterisk pant on,” stated Wheeler.

The hope is that this provides a great option for athletes who wear knee braces during their sport. The Zero G Pant has the ability to work with all knee braces and also allows compression and cooling as a part of VIRUS’ signature Cool Jade fabric. This allows the skin to stay cool and dry during and after any activity. The well-received fabric has a strong reputation within the industry and has acquired many returning customers. Users will enjoy the aesthetics that Asterisk are known for combined with VIRUS’ specialized technology.

“We are pleased to join forces with VIRUS to bring these much needed products to our customers,” stated Dave Castillo, co-founder of Asterisk. “With their superior reputation and continued expansion into the action sport marketplace, we are confident they are a perfect fit for this new product and are beyond excited to introduce this new product to our line.”


Founded in 2010, VIRUS uses the most advanced fabric technology to create athletic apparel that elevates the athletic ability to the highest potential.  Using the earth’s natural resources, VIRUS created fabrics that provide ultimate cooling, warming, and recovery benefits.  Paired with an innovative anatomical design, compression technology, and revolutionary comfort and feel, one can have the confidence that they are wearing the best athletic apparel to support their passion. 


Founded in 2000 by Jim Castillo, inventor of the CTi knee brace, and his handpicked team, Asterisk designed a retail off-the-shelf knee protection system that could adjust to any leg shape and size while bringing more state-of-the-art and high-level protection than a custom orthopedic knee brace. Asterisk designs, produces and manufactures all their products in-house at their facility in Lake Forest, CA. and also provides medical staffing at all Supercross and Outdoor National races with their Asterisk Mobile Medic Center.

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