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Racer X Films: Pro Circuit Husqvarna TC125


We dropped off a new 2014 Husqvarna TC125 at Pro Circuit and let them dig into it. The 2014 Husqvarna TC125 is a KTM at its roots. It has different plastic, a different airbox, and some small changes here and there, but for the most part it’s a similar bike.

Products used on this bike:

MX32 Rear 110/80-19
MX52 Front 90/100/21

DeCal Works
Custom Graphic/Number Kit

Pro Circuit
Pipe/Silencer/Engine Work/Suspension Tuning/Link Arm/Shock Parts

997 Fatbars/Half-Waffle Medium Grip/Chain/50t Sprocket

Works Connection
Valve Stem Caps/Oil Fill Cap/Front Brake Reservoir Cap

RAD Manufacturing
Custom Hub/Spokes/Nipples with Excel Rims and Tusk Rotors

Custom Seat Cover with Ribbing

Renegade Racing Fuel
Renegade SX2 Two-Stroke Race Fuel

Air Filter