What is the most impressive performance at the Nationals this year?

Jeremy Martin winning first five motos2841 votes - 39.7%

Josh Grant's first moto win at Glen Helen271 votes - 3.8%

Blake Baggett winning four straight motos to get back in title chase168 votes - 2.3%

Ken Roczen having most motos wins in 450MX2157 votes - 30.1%

James Stewart going 1-1 at High Point185 votes - 2.6%

Cooper Webb winning overall at Muddy Creek162 votes - 2.3%

Eli Tomac going 3-3-4-2 in the first four motos of his 450 career1035 votes - 14.5%

Dungey's last-lap pass to steal Glen Helen overall270 votes - 3.8%

Other67 votes - 0.9%