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Dr. D 2014 Yamaha YZ250F

Dr. D 2014 Yamaha YZ250F

The 2014 Yamaha YZ250F is by far the most improved machine this year. It fared very well in the Racer X Shootout, with some testers picking it as the best 250 of the group. It’s also the biggest unknown. The engine is a new design, and it would be any engine builder’s first try at turning the stock powerplant into a motor competitive at any level. For this project, we agreed that we should at least go to the companies who have the most experience with Yamahas. Doug Dubach, Enzo, and Frenchie at C4MX have been working on blue machines longer than anyone, and we knew they were the people we needed to see. Check out the film above, and the parts list below.



MX32 Front 80/100-21

MX32 Rear 120/80-19


Dubach Racing Development

SS/AL NS-4 Exhaust System

Radiator Lowering Kit

Hour Meter



Degree EX Cam

Head Mod

Clutch Hub Mod

Ignition Remapping







Clutch and Brake Levers



Axle Blocks

Brake Pedal

Brake Cap


Faster USA

Complete Custom Wheel Set



Fork and Shock Re-Valve



Throttle Body Modification


One Industries

Graphics Designed And Printed



Air Filter

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