DeCal Works Free Sideplates to Privateers

February 5, 2014 9:30am | by:

CHICAGO, IL.- DeCal Works, the original and still #1 Graphic and Number company, proudly offers all privateers gearing up for the 250 East Region opener in Texas two (2) free sets of CRF250-450 Restyled Sideplates. Previously announced for West Region riders, the program has been extended to all East Region racers. Every racer that qualified for a SX night show or an AMA Outdoor National in 2013 and plans to race a Honda for the 250E/450 2014 Monster Energy Supercross series is eligible.   

DeCal Works restyled sideplates one-piece construction solves the Honda sideplate issue. The Airbox and Sideplate are molded together for a sleek layout, appearance and ease of graphic, number application for you or your mechanic.  

Qualified racers need to contact Sean Murdock by phone at 815-784-4000 x254 or e-mail at Order your set now in White, Red or Black, rider pays shipping, and DeCal Works sends the two (2) sets of sideplates to your door Free of Charge.  

Best of luck to all the privateers and those making their 2014 East Region debut!