Bowers Riding Through Injury

January 26, 2014 1:25pm | by:

Three-time defending Amsoil Arenacross Champion Tyler Bowers made a startling announcement this morning on Instagram: He fractured his tibia at the first round of the season. Below is an excerpt from the post. To read the full release check out Bowers on Instagram.

Bowers is currently third in Arenacross Class points.

Wellllllll.... My goal this year was to not have to have another post like this. After getting ran into by another rider at the first round of @arenacross I suffered a fractured tibia, clearly into my ankle. I am so fortunate to have great people in my corner especially @drfeelgoodmx!! I got in to see him the Monday after and he hooked me up with surgeon Dr. Mayo to go ahead and screw it all back together stable. After going through a couple weeks of rehab over riding during the week at @drfeelgoodmx's office... I am finally on the good side of this injury. I in no way attribute this directly to my, as I've been told, "rough start to the season" even though I have the most wins so far. I think it shows a rider who can win from the second row one weekend can't even make any moves a week later that there are some factors involved trying to manipulate results more than my injury.

Bowers has been riding through this!
Bowers has been riding through this! Photo: Tyler Bowers