Open Mic: Dean Wilson

Open Mic Dean Wilson

December 17, 2013 9:35am
Okay, so Dean Wilson isn’t leaving the racing scene in America as the headline suggests, but he will be waving goodbye to the 250 Class for good after 2014. He began his final journey aboard the small bike over the weekend by winning the Monarch Moto Pro Super X Invitational at Milestone MX. We caught up with Wilson to talk about the race itself, and the upcoming season.

Racer X: You just won the Monarch Moto Pro Super X Invitational. How was the race?
Dean Wilson: It was good. It was something that we decided to do because we thought it would be good to get some racing time in. Rather than go to the test track we thought we’d get some gate time in with some of the guys. It was good for us.

Did you go in expecting to win?
That was kind of the goal and the plan, but at the same time we were just going to have fun and see where I was at. It didn’t matter too much, but it was nice to win.

Does winning it mean anything for the upcoming season?
I don’t think so. I learned a few things to work on before the season, so it was good for that. It’s nice to get an idea of what I need to work on.

Dean Wilson won the Monarch Moto Pro Super X Invitational on Saturday over Cooper Webb and Shane McElrath.
BrownDogWilson photo

When you say you need to work on a few things what are you referring to?
I just made a few mistakes out there, and there were a few things with the bike I think we can work on.

With the season just around the corner, why race and risk injury?
I don’t think it really matters. You can’t live like that. Ever since I started training with Ryno [Ryan Hughes] he’s helped put that in a really good perspective for me. Why even ride a motorcycle if you’re scared of getting hurt? You can’t live life in a glass cage; whatever happens happens. I’m just trying to prove myself, and obviously I don’t want to get injured, but it doesn’t even cross my mind anymore. I just give it my best and that’s all that really matters. Getting injured isn’t something that I think about anymore.

What are you more excited for this year, supercross or motocross?
I think supercross right now, just because that’s where my mind is and that’s what I’ve been training for. I’ve been injured the past three seasons, so I’m just excited to have a good season.

This is probably your last year on a 250. Is it safe to say that you’ll be disappointed with anything less than a 250SX title?
Yeah, definitely. That’s my goal, that’s the plan. It’s always been my goal to win the championship. I’m feeling healthy right now, I’m fit and I’m working hard. Preparation is the key to success, and when my opportunity comes, I’ll be ready for it.

Had you not gotten stuck in Canada and missed those races in 2010 you would have already pointed out of the 250SX Class. In a way, it’s almost good that happened. Do you ever think like that?
It’s kind of funny. Well, it wasn’t funny at the time, but people always ask me how I haven’t pointed out yet. Well in 2010 I missed those races, in 2011 I got second, in 2012 I got hurt and still got second and in 2013 I only made it through four rounds before getting injured. So that’s why I haven’t pointed out. I need to start winning so I do get pointed out!

We don’t know what division everyone is in yet, but do you see anyone as being your main competition?
I think there’s going to be a lot of guys, for sure. You can never count anyone out in my eyes. You never know who’s going to show up and go fast. There are plenty of guys coming up that will be quick and some veterans, like myself, Martin Davalos, Blake Baggett, Cole Seely, Jason Anderson, there’s a bunch of guys that will be fast. There’s going to be a lot of fast guys, but it’s not something I really worry about. I just concentrate on myself and my own program.

Let’s talk about motocross here for a second. Word is Christophe Pourcel is returning to the series. Do you think he’ll be as fast as he was in 2009 and 2010?
I’m not sure what to think about that. Christophe hasn’t really raced much in the last few years, so I don’t know. We all know how fast he can go and he’s got lots of talent, but I think a lot of people question his heart. You never know, I’m not counting him out.

Next season will be Wilson's last in the 250 Class.
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Well, with or without him it’s going to be good. With you and Baggett returning to the class, there will be two former National Champions lining up. What are your thoughts on racing against Baggett for the championship again?
I think it will be good. We’ve grown and are more mature than we were in 2011. I’m just going to go race my races and do the best I can at each round and hopefully I’ll have a championship at the end.

Does it bum you out at all to drop back down to the 250?
No. I’ve probably answered this question a million times. I need a rebuilding year for myself. I’ve been injured three seasons in a row, and I haven’t had two seasons back to back in a long time where I haven’t been injured. I need to rebuild myself, and I’m really happy and comfortable with Pro Circuit. Everything is going to be good this year, especially with Monster Energy, Pro Circuit, Kawasaki, Thor, Dunlop, Parts Unlimited, Scott, Vans, Traxxas, Maxima, Toyota of Escondido, my family and Ryno [Ryan Hughes] all standing behind me. It’s going to be a good year.