Back and Shoulder Injuries for Bogle

December 9, 2013 3:15pm | by:
Racer X has learned that GEICO Honda's Justin Bogle took on a huge crash last week at the the team's Milestone test track--he reportedly caught a footpeg while scrubbing a triple. We talked to Justin today and he confirmed he has five broken vertebra and a broken shoulder blade, but is still waiting more detailed reports on how bad the fractures are and how long he will be out. There is no spinal damage whatsoever. Justin was actually in pretty good spirits when we talked to him today and seems to only see this as a minor setback. "My mindset hasn't changed or anything like that," he said.

The injury obviously prevents Bogle from lining up in the West Region 250SX class at Anaheim, but it's too early to rule out a return for the East Region, which starts February 15 in Dallas. We'll get more details later in the week once he learns more from his doctors. Get well soon, Justin!