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December 9, 2013 6:00pm

When Matrix sent a custom-wrapped M30 Factory Toolbox to the Racer X global HQ, chaos unleashed and all reason was forfeited immediately. Fist fights and small fires broke out as the battle amongst coworkers ensued for this badass toolbox. Of course, I emerged as the obvious victor because I’ve got alpha oozing out the ears. After I yelled, “I drink your milkshake!” a few times and my celebration ended, I took the keys and popped the hood on the toolbox.

You would fight your friends for this too.
Photos by Andrew Fredrickson

Everyone knows that true beauty can't only be measured by physical appearance, and sometimes you have to strip away a few layers before you get to the good stuff. That’s right, I’m talking about getting down to the drawers. These things were wrapped too! You know you’re looking at a keeper when you can't unlock your eyes from the view of some nice drawers.

We've heard it many times: There are lots of tools at the Race X office.

This particular model has four drawers—the bottom one being deeper than the top three—but there is a different version of the M30 Factory Toolbox that divides the top two drawers into six smaller drawers. The four-drawer model runs for $299.95, and you’ll have to fork over an extra couple hundred bucks to get the nine-drawer model for $499.95. They come in plenty of color combinations, so you’re bound to find at least one colorway that tickles your fancy.

Remember, cheap gifts mean cheap love.

Now, $300-500 isn’t exactly pocket change, either. If you’re going to try to rope someone into buying this for you, make sure you stress the importance of a higher dollar amount equating to a stronger relationship. More money = more love. How do you think I got my last X Box?

Check out the Matrix Toolbox right here.