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Be Their Hero

December 6, 2013 5:50pm

Christmas morning is not a time of equal-opportunity. Usually someone (generally, the younger someones) goes tearing into the presents while someone else (generally, dad) has to stand far from the melee to record all the action with a video camera. So if you’re a dad, pitch the family on a gift that actually helps on Christmas—get a GoPro Hero 3+.


The new Hero 3+ is 20% smaller and packs 30% more battery life than the previous model, which was already, well, a model of size and efficiency. Now, you dads know what a GoPro is really awesome for shooting—you doing crazy stuff while riding. But that’s not gonna get the wife to open the purse for you. Instead, tell her how, with the variety of mounts like the Chesty , the Head Mount or the JAWS flex mount, you could get footage of the whole family together on Christmas morning. Oh, and now they have a Junior Chesty that fits kids three and over, so you could literally put a camera on the kids and let them do all the recording themselves!

Then in a few days the little ones will be back to their toys and you can go be a hero with your GoPro Hero 3+—make it a News Year’s resolution to not only do cool stuff on your dirt bike, but show everyone how you did it. Hey, they owe you some attention, too