Millsaps, Hahn and More on DMXS

November 12, 2013 2:55pm

Rockstar’s Davi Millsaps has reestablished himself as a legitimate contender after finishing second in the overall points in supercross back-to-back years.  He’ll be coming into 2014 on a new orange bike and with two straight legs after finally having to correct his improperly healed broken femur from 2006. I guess he won’t be limping this year while kicking ass if the last two seasons mean anything.  We’ll get the latest on the Georgian transplant as he prepares for the season opener.

GEICO’s Wil Hahn is from Texas, and we all know they do everything bigger in the Lone Star state.  Well, this year that means adding some cc’s and moving up to the bigboy class for the defending 250SX champion.  Lil’ Wil took the opportunity to get a few gate drops under his belt on the 450 while contesting the usual off-season races in Italy and France.  We can’t wait to hear all about the trip and his thoughts on the move up.

Jeff Emig has the voice of an angel.  How else can you explain his ability to so smoothly break down a track on the virtual lap, or transition so well when Ralph slams a booth block-pass on him for the millionth time.  I can close my eyes and just hear him saying “huck-a-buck,” and know that things will simply be ok.  We always look forward to Fro’s perspective and have plenty to cover with Anaheim 1 quickly approaching.

Blake Wharton rode for Rockstar, drinks Rockstar and is a Rockstar.  That little sponsorship agreement was a bit prophetic and worked out well for our sport’s version of Troy Polamalu.  You know we love this kid and will get the latest on his band and racing plans for the future.

Wyn Kern will be on to update the universe on Gatorback and Mini O’s, which sounds like a breakfast cereal.

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