Weston Peick Returning to Sunstar

November 7, 2013 3:00pm

Sunstar will once again be supporting Weston Peick’s SX/MX efforts for 2014. The #40 ride of Peick, who finished 14th overall in the 2013 SX series and 17th overall on a limited outdoor schedule due to lack of support/funds, will once again put his efforts into both series’ next year with hopes of finishing in the top 10 overall in each. Peick was recently leading the Australian SX Championship but a crash caused a shoulder injury, forcing him to resign from that series and heal up for the start of SX.

“I’m looking forward to next year and hopefully putting Sunstar and my other great sponsors up front and trying to get on the podium a few times,” said Weston regarding his 2014 expectations.

Peick runs Sunstar Works Triplestar Aluminum sprockets & the 520MXR1 non sealed racing chain.