Don't You Worry: Rasmus Jørgensen's Story

October 31, 2013 4:05pm

Film: MX-IndeX

Rasmus Jørgensen was on the brink of his breakthrough when disaster struck. He had made his debut in the World MX2 Championships with an astonishing 6th place finish at Lommel in 2009. Danish motocross-fighter Rasmus Krogh Jørgensen was shooting for the stars, and glory was within his grasp. But a cold night in late 2009, he was involved in a traffic accident and the dream was shattered to pieces.

Don’t you worry tells the story of Rasmus’ fight back to motocross and the top step of the podium in the Danish championships. It tells how it is to ride with a disadvantage, with an almost not functional left arm, while losing a father in the process. It tells how it is to battle the bike and life’s hardest challenges in every corner. On every jump. And down every rut. An inspirational story to everyone in the sport and in every other sport around the world.