Complete Motocross Training Plans

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Complete Motocross Training Plans

It All Starts With a Great Plan
Racer X Virtual Trainer and professional trainer Seiji Ishii have teamed up to offer our audience an exclusive motocross community geared towards improving your performance on and off the track. The community offers motocross specific training plans designed by one of the best – to help you achieve your best performance. This is literally a one-of-a-kind training and conditioning experience for you, the motocross athlete!

Coach Seiji has a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology from the University of Texas at Austin and holds certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and is a registered massage therapist (RMT). Coach Seiji has been training athletes for seventeen years and is currently training Andrew Short and Rockstar Energy Suzuki Rider Jason Anderson as well as many elite amateurs.

Plan Highlights
Exclusive interactive training community offering monthly periodized strength and cardiovascular workouts that are built based on the number of hours you have available to ride and train.

What You Get:

Training Programs
The heart and soul of the premium membership are the training plans. Currently, there are five complete training packages offered that are 7-months in duration and more will be added according to community demand. Packages are designed based on available time an athlete has to train. Training plans are purchased monthly, eliminating any large upfront costs associated with purchasing a bulk plan. Members have access to all training programs offered in the community at the beginning of each month. You pick the program that most resembles your situation and hit go! If at the end of the month you decide the program is no longer right for you, simply select another program when you renew. No other motocross training program offers this level of convenience and flexibility. Below is a brief description of each plan.

  1. Weekend Warrior Program 1 - This program is designed for the motocross athlete who has very limited training time and realistically can only ride one day on the weekend, and wishes to make the most out of that time.
  2. Weekend Warrior Program 2 - This program expands on program 1 and is perfect for the rider who has a full time job but can squeeze in a few extra hours per week to meet his goals.
  3. Weekend Warrior Program 3 - This program is meant for the serious weekend warrior who has a fair amount of time to dedicate towards training. This plan will take advantage of all available training time.
  4. Amateur Race Program 1 - This program is perfect for the serious amateur racer who wants to be the best in his class but has very limited time to train. This is intended for the local rider who may attend 2 or 3 amateur nationals each year but can only ride on the weekends.
  5. Amateur Race Program 2 (Can also be applied to Pros) - This program is designed for the serious amateur rider who has an open schedule both during the week and on weekends. The rider should be a full time competitor and training and racing should be top priority.

More programs will be added as we progress and access the needs of the community.

Each of the 5 programs descibed above consist of 7 months worth of training. Strength workouts are presented in two separate formats: one for the athlete who prefers to train at home and the other for the athlete who has access to a gym. Either method (home or gym) can be chosen and complete workouts are provided for both.

Cardio workouts are presented in three separate formats: cycling, running, or rowing. Any of these three modes of exercises can be chosen and mixed to suit the athlete’s preference.

Other workouts include rest days, lactate threshold tests, flexibility, myofascial release, and mobility training. Each training session consists of a warm up, a complete workout, and a cool down.

Training Peaks
Workouts are individually administered through the award winning software. TrainingPeaks™ is the leading software platform used by Olympians, endurance coaches and athletes to monitor, analyze and plan fitness and nutrition.
Your training plan includes:

  • Expert guidance and motivation
  • Daily emails with your next workout to keep you on track
  • Mobile access to your training plan on iPhone, iPad or Android
  • Encouragement from friends on Facebook or Twitter
  • Compatibility with 90+ training devices (Garmin, PowerTap, SRM, Quarq, Timex, Polar, iPhone, etc.)
  • Nutrition tracking to monitor your diet
  • Members only forum

Exercise Library
Get exclusive access to Coach Seiji's personal gym as he demonstrates all of the exercises you will be using in each of the workouts. These are many of the same motocross specific exercises he uses with Andrew Short. Subscribers get unlimited access to explosive drills, progressions, techniques, and tricks-of-the-trade! Coach Seiji breaks down kettlebell moves, TRX exercises, and much much more. The exercise library will continually grow and be based on community demand.

Exclusive Members Only Forum
Subscribers will have access to an exclusive members-only forum administered through their Training Peaks account creating a true motocross training community. This will be a members only forum where members will have the opportunity to share their training experiences and offer help to others. The forum is moderated by Virtual Trainer and Coach Seiji and is your direct link to the coaches.

The cost for membership is a low $19.95/month. And the first month is FREE! Last we checked, that’s cheaper than most gym memberships and you get access to the same expert guidance that Shorty and Jason enjoy on a daily basis.

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