MEC School with Ramsey and Antunez

September 18, 2013 1:50pm

This weekend, Road2Pro is hosting a supercross training school, catering to riders who were invited to the Monster Energy Cup Amateur All-Stars and Supermini classes. The goal is to accelerate the learning curve of these young riders and make sure they're ready for everything an event like this will throw at them.

"It’s an awesome thing that Feld is doing, bringing this event in and giving these young riders experience with this track, stadium crowds and lights and all of that," says Buddy Antunez. "Me and Nate Dawg will do our best to give these riders a real skill base to use at the race."

The school takes place on the Milestone SX track, and it will be open that day to riders participating in the school only--no worries about pros jumping or blitzing past!

Check out the flyer for more info: