Red Bull RE-MX Schedule and Teams

September 12, 2013 11:00am | by:
Red Bull RE-MX at Steel City Raceway
Schedule and Teams Announced

For the third consecutive year, Red Bull is bringing the RE-MX back to Delmont, Pennsylvania’s Steel City Raceway. The Red Bull RE-MX is a relay-style race consisting of three riders per team (A, B/C and 85), 12 teams total and a double-elimination bracket that sends three teams to the final. Beginning with the A class, each rider goes all-out for one lap against other racers before reaching the exchange zone, where they send the next rider in their team off for their lap.

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Last year, Cernic’s Racing Johnstown won their second consecutive RE-MX title with In The Blood Tattoo and Racer X rounding out the podium. All three podium teams are back this year, including a mix of nine new and preexisting teams. The biggest change to the event is the first-round motos, which will send six teams off the line at once instead of four. Also, only the A class will start on the starting gate this year. The B/C and 85 classes will be waiting in the exchange zone to receive the send-off from their team’s previous rider.

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In addition to the Red Bull RE-MX, there will be an open practice Saturday morning and the Round 5 of the Fly Racing PAMX State Championship Series on Sunday. The weekend schedule and RE-MX teams are provided below.



Friday, 9/13

  • 6:00pm Gates open
  • Saturday, 9/14

  • 8:00am Registration for practice
  • 9:00am-12:30pm Open practice
  • 11:00am-12:00pm RE-MX team registration, DJ starts
  • 12:30pm Riders meeting
  • 1:00pm Red Bull RE-MX
  • Sunday, 9/15

  • 7:00am Registration
  • 8:30am Practice
  • ASAP Amateur racing – Round 5 of State Championship Series
  • RE-MX Teams

    Team 1: Cernic’s Racing Johnstown
    Team Manager: Bernie Slusser
    A Rider: Dylan Slusser
    B/C Rider: Timmy Crosby
    85 Rider: Brock Papi

    Team 2: In The Blood/Total Image Autosport
    Team Manager: Justun Palenscar
    A Rider: Steve Roman
    B/C Rider: Aaron Fenchak
    85 Rider: Vinny Luhovey

    Team 3: Racer X
    Team Manager: Jordan Roberts
    A Rider: Ty Newcome
    B/C Rider: Jared Lesher
    85 Rider: Ty Kesten

    Team 4: Cernic’s Racing Duncansville
    Team Manager: Jeff Cernic
    A Rider: Daniel Lippman
    B/C Rider: Shane Smallwood
    85 Rider: Cameron Davis

    Team 5: Carben Racing
    Team Manager: Jason Carben
    A Rider: Jeff McCarren
    B/C Rider: Zach Oesterling
    85 Rider: Noah Carben

    Team 6: Steel City Honda
    Team Manager: Matt Watson
    A Rider: Frank Ali
    B/C Rider: Zak Lowery
    85 Rider: Austin Young

    Team 7: Team #357
    Team Manager: Corey Crocco
    A Rider: Hunter Hoffman
    B/C Rider: Corey Crocco
    85 Rider: Mark Peterman

    Team 8: Pro-Action Suspension
    Team Manager: DJ Korzen
    A Rider: Jason McConnell
    B/C Rider: Josh Liston
    85 Rider: Colton Gorby

    Team 9: B&M2
    Team Manager: Brad Berkey
    A Rider: Brad Berkey
    B/C Rider: Matt Marlowe
    85 Rider: Hank Hays

    Team 10: T&J Motorsports
    Team Manager: Joe Norco
    A Rider: Broc Streit
    B/C Rider: Justin Norco
    85 Rider: Cole Jones

    Team 11: PR2 Racing
    Team Manager: Chris Durham
    A Rider: Matt Toth
    B/C Rider: Brad Esper
    85 Rider: Andrew Maroney

    Team 12: FCR Suspension
    Team Manager: Jeff Cieslak
    A Rider: John Wells
    B/C Rider: Garrett Smith
    85 Rider: Austin Legg