Bench Racing Ammo:  Tomac’s Win Streak

Bench Racing Ammo Tomac’s Win Streak

August 22, 2013 9:30am
There’s just a tiny bit of unfinished business for Eli Tomac this weekend at Lake Elsinore. The 250 National Championship might be his, but with the way he’s riding, you’ve got to imagine he’ll want to go out a winner and sweep both motos. If so, he’ll end his 250 career in the U.S. with ten-straight moto wins. Hey, a win feels good no matter what, right?

Just how impressive is Tomac’s recent win streak? Let’s look at the last ten seasons in the 250 Class to see.

* 2013 Current Moto Streak: 8 Eli Tomac

2012 Longest Moto Streak: 4 Blake Baggett

2011 Longest Moto Streak: 4 Blake Baggett/Dean Wilson

2010 Longest Moto Streak: 4 Trey Canard

2009 Longest Moto Streak: 4 Christophe Pourcel

2008 Longest Moto Streak: 16 Ryan Villopoto

Tomac goes for ten-straight moto wins this weekend.
Simon Cudby photo

2007 Longest Moto Streak: 4 Ryan Villopoto (twice)

2006 Longest Moto Streak: 3 Ryan Villopoto/Mike Alessi/Andrew Short

2005 Longest Moto Streak: 3 Broc Hepler/Ivan Tedesco

2004 Longest Moto Streak: 14 James Stewart

2003 Longest Moto Streak: 14 James Stewart

There’s no doubt the 250 Class usually offers up more varied results than the big bike class (we’ve witnessed three perfect seasons on big bikes since 2002 alone, while no one has ever swept every moto on the small bores). Eli’s eight-moto streak is already longer than all but the Villopoto and Stewart streaks, and in fact it’s double anyone else. Plus he’s got a chance for ten this weekend—Eli might be the only one who wishes they could just keep on racing!