Road2Pro Race Results

August 19, 2013 2:45pm

Prior to Loretta’s, ex-pros Buddy Antunez and Nathan Ramsey put together a first-ever Road2Pro race at Milestone MX to help riders prep for the national. The PPG-backed event was a hit, and Bud Man wants to send out one more shoutout to the winners:

PPG Road2Pro Race Winners

Open Pro, sponsored by J Star. Winner: Jake Canada

450B, sponsored by Pro Circuit. Winner: Axel Hodges

250B, sponsored by Liquid Graphics. Winner: Zack Cummans

250C, sponsored by Energy One. Winner: Kyle Freund

Supermini, sponsored by Custom Decal. Winner: Tristan Miller

85 12-14, sponsored by Mumford Heating and Air. Winner: Mitchell Falk

85 9-11, sponsored by Aliantel inc. Winner: Carson Mumford

65 open 9-11, sponsored by X brand goggles. Winner: Manuel Moreno

50cc, sponsored by Brett Downey Safety Foundation. Winner: Hunter Yoder