Going for the  W: Blake Baggett

Going for the W Blake Baggett

August 10, 2013 10:00am

The dog days of summer are nearing the end. And for defending 250MX Champion, Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Blake Baggett, it’s been a summer to forget. Baggett has only  one overall this season (Budds Creek), a far cry from the five he secured a season ago en route to his first career championship.

But Baggett is not necessarily looking forward to the end of the summer. In speaking with Blake earlier this morning here at Unadilla, he said he has done a lot of testing during the weekend off the series took after Millville, and it has paid off. His wrist in still bothersome, so much so that his face flinches as he puts on his glove. Although the season is lost, the defending champion is preparing as if the title is still up for grabs—a true testament to his work ethic.

Baggett is continuing to push hard despite the fact that his title chances are over.
Simon Cudby photo

With temperatures hovering in the mid 70’s this afternoon, which seems to be a recurring theme this season, Baggett feels this is a disadvantage to him. When asked what the major difference was at Budds Creek—the site of his only overall this season—he said it “was hot.” While most riders are happy to the thermometer hover in the low 70’s and 80’s, Baggett actually looks forward to hot, humid days. Last season, when temperatures were in the low 90’s on most afternoons, Baggett’s endurance showed through. This season, the weather has provided a much more level playing field.

As for today, when asked about the mild temperatures, Baggett said you don’t get any advantage when you show up to the track in a sweatshirt. Baggett also said that they have a lot to fix in six motos, an indication that he will continue to fight hard until the window closes on the 2013 season at Lake Elsinore.