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Racer X Tested: 2013 KX250F Big Bore


The KXF250 used the new Hot Cams ITR stage one cams and it really helped in back to back test.

The Tusk oversized typhoon rotor kit helps stopping a lot.

A 2.15 rear 450 rim with a 110/80-19 Dunlop give great traction to the ground.

Torque!  The KXF makes very strong torque with the big bore kit installed.

Use a Honda rear axle nut on your KXF to save time and hassle.

BLT does great suspension work.

On a KXF a Cometic back-fire screen spacer plate is a must to get that added snap.


#22 Kawasaki KXF250

Cylinder Works 3mm Big bore Cylinder Kit 269cc the kit includes a Forged Vertex Piston kit, Cometic Top-End gasket kit and new complete plated Cylinder. 800-336-5437

Hot Cams Stage One camshafts 800-336-5437

FMF Racing RCT 4.1 Muffler and Ti Megabomb header 800-336-5437

CV4 Silicone Coolant hoses and High pressure radiator cap 800-336-5437

Renthal rear sprocketR1 Works Chain, Twin-Wall’s 800-336-5437

Tokyomods Re-program of stock ECU 888-457-9403

VP Racing Fuels U 4.4 – mixed half and half with 91 pump 210-635-7744

Uni Filter Two-Stage Air Filter 800-336-5437

Dunlop Tire MX51 front 80/100-21 MX 31 rear 110/80-19 800-336-5437

Tusk Oversized Typhoon front rotor kit 800-336-5437

BLT Suspension Suspension re-valve   951-533-6350

DeCal Works Semi-Custom Graphics kit with #’s 815-784-4000

Cometic Gasket Back-fire screen removal spacer plate 800-752-9850