Privateer Profile:  Brady Kiesel

Privateer Profile Brady Kiesel

July 11, 2013 6:00am
In a rookie class that features the reigning Horizon Award winner (Zach Bell), a Supermini phenom (Adam Cianarulo), a multi-time Loretta Lynn’s Champion (Cooper Webb), as well as other amateur standouts like Jeremy Martin, Joey Savatgy and Justin Hill all backed by factory teams, garnering attention as a rookie privateer in 2013 is an uphill battle. It can provide motivation, or kill confidence. Texas’ Brady Kiesel has been there before, and he continues to move forward.

“I’ve always been under the radar my whole amateur career,” said the Rock River Yamaha rider at RedBud. “Last year, won a few championships and just didn’t get it done at Loretta’s and that really bit me.”

The transition to the professional ranks bears a heavy weight. Juggling an entirely new training regimen, an extended schedule, the challenge of supercross, and, for many, being on your own for the first time is a tough adjustment. But for Kiesel, 2013 has brought along an entirely different set of challenges, something all the factory-backed kids never have to worry about.

Kiesel has been the forgotten rookie, but has begun to open eyes.
Andrew Fredrickson photo

“Well, since Hangtown my practice bike blew up and just haven’t been able to get it fixed financially,” said Kiesel.

The bleeding doesn’t stop there. Kiesel, like teammate Alex Martin has been caught in the midst of his team, Eleven10 Mods, moving off the road. Eleven10 will continue modding bikes for customers in its Pennsylvania shop, but the professional race team is done. Days after the team announced it’s closing, Rock River Yamaha brought over Kiesel, along with Martin, for the remainder of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship. In addition, things have stabilized enough to where he finally has a practice bike again.

Through the adversity, Kiesel has remained steadfast in his goals.

“I know something will come up as soon as I put in some good results. I know that I can,” he added. “I’m still young and I’m just trying to pick off the races one at a time, just do better and better every time and progress. Physically I’m fit and I’ve got a practice bike now so I’ve been practicing. Seconds are taken off so I feel good.”

Monster Energy Supercross provided a steep learning curve—Kiesel made just three mains in the 250SX East Region, with a seasons-best eleventh at the season finale in Las Vegas—but his fitness and raw speed and style have begun to blossom outdoors.

Following a tough supercross season, Kiesel has blossomed outdoors.
Andrew Fredrickson photo

“It feels good though being the first privateer at the last two races,” said Kiesel following his career-high thirteenth place moto one finish at RedBud. “I’m pretty pumped on that.”

Fitness has played a major role for Kiesel. Since he has been unable to ride during the week up until recently, he had to put his focus into off-the-bike training, something he accredits to Club MX.

“The training is just top notch. You can’t get any better,” said Kiesel of the South Carolina training facility. “The guys over there are just so good. They’re organized. I just know that as long as I’m there I’ll be progressing consistently and make sure to throw it in the top ten now.”

In a 250 Class field where the top eighteen in points are on factory teams, one privateer has started to open eyes. Brady Kiesel has put his name on the map; now it’s just a matter of staying there.

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