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Crossover Challenge at Washougal

I hope everyone is doing great!  I have been working hard to keep the Crossover alive and we have a great opportunity to return to Washougal.  I never raced the Crossover at Washougal but I remember it well.

The opportunity this year will be a little different.  James Hanson is being nice enough to offer up his back yard track just minutes from the National track and we will all be riding on equally prepped Honda CRF 100's.

The racing will be bracketed with qualifiers and main events giving everyone plenty of time to ride.





Riders will have to bring all their own protection (meaning safety gear) and the bikes will be dialed in for you to shred.  After the racing we will be throwing down some BBQ and drinks for everyone to enjoy.

This is going to be a really fun event but due to the fact that we are providing the bikes entries will be limited.  We are opening the event up to Industry peeps (Team Managers, Truck Drivers, Mechanics, etc), Crossover Athletes and Media.

If you can make it to Washougal and will be in town Friday July 19th I encourage you to email me immediately at

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