6D Tested at Muddy Creek

June 12, 2013 3:45pm

Zach Osborne and Justin Bogle lead the charge off the first moto holeshot Saturday at the Muddy Creek MX National much to the excitement of the fans. Bogle made a quick pass for the lead, but unfortunately  a miscalculation over a tricky jump transition sent Bogle down hard impacting his right temple area of his helmet as he slapped to the ground. “I just lost the front and knew I was in trouble the second I left the jump,” said Bogle. “I tried to hang on, but there was just no way and I knew I was going down. I smacked my head pretty good and once again my 6D saved my race! I was up quick and back on the gas. They had me 28th on the second lap and I was able to race up to 12th! I’m happy with that and my 7th overall for the day. It could have been a lot worse!”

Bogle’s amazing ride capped off an excellent day overall for the GEICO Honda team. Eli Tomac finished second overall while handily winning the second moto with a wire-to-wire victory. Zach Osborne raced hard with the leaders all day finishing 5th overall with 6, 5 moto finishes. 6D would like to congratulate the entire GEICO Honda team for their efforts and results.

6D Helmets is the exclusive helmet sponsor to the GEICO Honda 250cc program. The team’s riders have really put the helmet to the test this year, and in each instance the 6D ATR-1 has performed beyond expectations. A revolutionary design development (Omni-Directional Suspension) within the helmet’s interior protective liner dramatically improves the helmet’s performance in the event of an accident.