Swizcorner: Las Vegas

May 7, 2013 1:00pm

Well that’s a wrap! It seems like only a few weeks ago, not months, that this series was kicking off with wildly different results than anyone could have anticipated in the 450 class.

In the end, the status quo pulled through. There were a few surprises in the final point standings but I’m not going to itemize the results here. I want to look at each rider in the top 12 (multiples of five are so old school) of each class and give my honest thoughts on where they finished when compared to what I expected of them.

With that, lets get started. I want to start with the class that caught a lot of shit this year. The 250SX East Region. From the first round there was a lot of talk about how superior the West Region was. It was hard to argue with all the names in the West but in all honesty the competition at the front of each coast was pretty equal in terms the number of riders with race winning capacity. Funny, with all that “depth” in the West, there were only three race winners, compared to five in the East.

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