Your Collection: 1986 Honda CR250

May 5, 2013 9:50am

This weeks collection comes to us from Keith Palmer.

I built this 1986 CR250 David Bailey replica a couple of years ago. I thought about converting the rear brake to a disc ala Team Honda bikes of Bailey, O'Mara and Johnson that year. One day I thought I can do this and got out my hacksaw and cut down the subframe. Here we are with the finished article. Everything is re-built. I put a later 2 piece clutch cover on so I could use the HONDA RACING outer cover. I tried to make every detail as close as possible to the real thing using photos from the internet and a photo CD from Terry Good of who has Ricky Johnsons sister bike. I have a 1986 CR125 built the same with a rear disc brake that I use for vintage racing and am now building a 1986 CR500 David Bailey MXdN replica.


Keith Palmer