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Your Collection: 1980 YZ 465

This weeks collection comes to us from Bruce Deming.

I bought this bike in August to ride in a local vintage race and in a very short amount of time it's become an obsession and money pit. However after seeing the comments online recently about Jody Barnes' 1980 YZ 250 I thought I should provide a little backup for the those of us that are now about the age of most grandparents.  I reitred from dirt bikes and racing in the early 70s and didn't get back in to it until 1984 so I missed this whole phase. Stopped riding again in '95 and started back up 2006. That's one of the reasons that I think it's cool, it's all new to me. There is nothing like the feel of an open class two stroke and it's too bad that kids today will never know the thrill. Thanks for reminding me that I do indeed have a very special bike!

- Bruce




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