Dedicated Athletics Product Launch

March 21, 2013 1:00pm
San Diego, CA: Dedicated Athletics is excted to announce the launch of our online store!! We have been proudly sponsoring professional and amatuer athletes for nearly a year. You have seen our athletes; Jimmy DeCotis #613, Killy Rusk # 66, Michael Leib #80 and Jason Potter #158, ripping it up and representing our brand in outdoor motocross and supercross. We have also been proudly representing national amatuer motocrosser Haydn Humphrey #452 and new addition Christian Campos #892.

Dedicated Athletics was born in 1994 in Ocean Beach, California as a skateboard company. After years of hibernation, Dedicated Athletics was reborn as an Action Sports Clothing Company. Along with motocross and supercross, we support professional and amatuer athletes in Surf, Skate, BMX and Snow.

The brand goes beyond the quality and style of of our clothing. We are deeply commited to supporting all of our athletes as they overcome challenges and pursue their dreams. We understand the true dedication it takes to compete and we share their passion to succeed. This passion is more than a choice, it's a lifestlye.

Look for our products and new monthly additions at or www.facebook/dedicatedathletics or contact at for more information. See you at the track!!!!!