In The Beginning Near Completion

March 19, 2013 9:40am

We are just about across the finish line with our upcoming movie, In The Beginning: The Trey Canard Story and we have some exciting news to share with everyone!


The In The Beginning Trailer is here! Have you watched it yet?

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We can really use your support! Here is a some more info about our Kickstarter fundraiser:

A little over a year ago we started one of our largest, most wide reaching project to date. We started a documentary about Trey Canard's life, struggles, and victories. He has such a powerful story and we can't wait to see it told on televisions all over the world. It has been a long journey, but the finish line is in sight. We are moving into the post production phase of this movie and we can use your help to get us over the finish line. Please prayerfully consider joying the PanicRev team and help us bring this project through to completion. Your support will go to DVD production, cover printing, mastering the film, securing the premier, and distribution of this extraordinary story of faith, struggle and redemption.

We have started a Kickstarter to help facilitate the fundraising needed to finish up this film and get into people's hands. Kickstarter is an organization that helps film makers raise funding for their projects. We have set a fundraising goal of $10,000. The way Kickstarter works is you HAVE to reach your fundraising goal, it is all or nothing. Please help us make this movie the very best it can be! Here is a link to our Kickstarter where you can donate, get more information, and watch the film trailers:

Supporting our Kickstarter is also a great way to pre-order DVD's. Some of the giving options also include:

  • $20 - Movie poster.
  • $30 - Movie poster & a DVD of the film!
  • $50 - Signed movie poster, copy of the DVD & a Trey Canard/PanicREV t-shirt.
  • $500 - Signed Trey Canard jersey, signed movie poster, copy of the DVD & a Trey Canard/PanicREV t-shirt.

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