Ricky Carmichael Meet and Greet

February 28, 2013 9:00am

Living legend of motocross Ricky Carmichael will be holding a meet, greet, and autograph session Saturday March 23rd from 1-2pm at Ray's Indoor Bike Park Cleveland. Fans will then have the opportunity to ride with Ricky as he brings his two-wheeled talent to a non-motorized ride at Ray’s Mountain Bike Park.

Ricky is considered the “Greatest Of All Time” by fans and rivals alike. The GOAT compiled 102 AMA Motocross Nationals victories, 48 AMA Supercross main event victories, 5 AMA Supercross Crowns and 10 AMA Motocross Championships for a record breaking 15 major titles and 150 wins.

As always, there is no spectator fee and all ages are welcome inside Ray’s encouraging atmosphere.