BRA: Long-Awaited Wins

BRA: Long-Awaited Wins

Last Saturday night in Atlanta, GEICO Honda’s Wil Hahn finally came through for a win (leading every lap with a broken toe, no less!) after racing in the 250SX class since 2008. Racers who are capable of getting supercross wins in the 250SX class typically point out before spending a ton of time there, which got us wondering just how often guys are rewarded with wins after being in the class for long periods of time. So, for this week’s Bench Racing Ammo, we’ve put together a list in of 250SX racers who have come up with victories after extended stays in the class. Be sure to use the comments section to let us know if we missed anyone.

Wil Hahn

First 250SX Race: January 5, 2008, A1 – Tenth

First Win: February 23, 2013 - Atlanta


Ryan Sipes

First 250SX Race: January 8, 2005, A1 – Sixth

First Win: March 12, 2011, Indianapolis

Wil Hahn secured his first career win in Atlanta on Saturday.
Simon Cudby photo

Brian Deegan

First 250SX Race: January 9, 1993, Orlando – Twentieth

First Win: January 18, 1997 – Los Angeles 2


Chad Pederson

First 250SX Race: April 1, 1989, Irving – Twenty-Second

First Win: February 13, 1993 – Tampa


Michael Brandes

First 250SX Race: May 7, 1994, Seattle – Seventh

First Win: February 12, 2000 – Indianapolis


Doug Henry

First 250SX Race: February 18, 1989, Miami – Twelfth

First Win: March 6, 1993 – Atlanta

Ryan Sipes celebrates his first career win in Indy in 2011.
Andrew Fredrickson photo

Mike Brown

First 250SX Race: February 3, 1990, Houston – Fourteenth

First Win: April 9, 1994 – Pontiac


Ryan Hughes

First 250SX Race: February 10, 1990, San Diego – Nineteenth

First Win: February 5, 1994 – San Diego


Casey Lytle

First 250SX Race: January 27, 1996, A1 – Seventeenth

First Win: January 29, 2000 – Phoenix


Nathan Ramsey

First 250SX Race: January 22, 1994, Houston – Sixteenth

First Win: January 23, 1999 - Phoenix


Greg Schnell

First 250SX Race: June 4, 1994, San Jose – Ninth

First Win: January 22, 2000 – San Diego

Michael Brandes also picked up his first career win in Indy.
Jim Talkington photo

Casey Johnson

First 250SX Race: February 11, 1995, San Diego – Eighth

First Win: January 9, 1999 – A1


Jimmy Gaddis

First 250SX Race: February 6, 1988, Houston – Twentieth

First Win: January 16, 1993 – Houston


Travis Preston

First 250SX Race: January 27, 1996, Anaheim – Eleventh

First Win: March 24, 2001 – Houston (On a Husqvarna!)