Ride Engineering 2013 Support Riders

Look around the pits at your local Supercross and you will find lots of teams sponsored by Ride Engineering and running some or all of the following products: Triple Clamps, Bar Mounts, Lowering Links, Brake Lines, Brake Calipers, Engine Plugs, Brake Clevis and Axle Blocks.


On Yamaha YZ450s: Velocity 3 (Riders: Kyle Chisholm & Bobby Kiniry)

On Yamaha YZ450s: N-Fab Ti Lube (Riders: Chris Blose & Phil Nicoletti)

On Kawasaki KX450Fs: JAB Motorsports (Rider: Matt Lemoine)

On Kawasaki KX250Fs: JAB Motorsports (Riders: Gannon Audette & Van Martin)

On Kawasaki KX450Fs: Privateer Cody Gilmore

On Kawasaki KX450Fs: Privateer Kevin Rookstool

On Kawasaki KX250Fs: EMT Racing (Rider: Dillon Epstein)

On Kawasaki KX250Fs: ADR Motorsports (Riders: Gareth Swanepoel & Ricky Dietrich)

On Honda CRF250s: Moto Concepts (Rider: Jake Canada)

On Honda CRF450s: Privateer Andrew Short

In Arenacross, support riders include:

On Kawasaki KX250Fs: Mike McDade

On Honda CRF250s: Kyle White


Visit: http://www.ride-engineering.com/sponsor.php for images and details of which Ride Engineering components each rider prefers.