6D Helmets Dallas Report

February 22, 2013 8:55am
6D congratulates both Wil Hahn and Zach Bell on their tremendous efforts Saturday night in
Dallas. Hahn achieved his first podium of the season finishing a strong third overall after an
aggressive race to the front.

6D’s ATR-1 helmet was once again put to the test during Bell’s heat race when he was forced to eject from his bike over one of the triple jumps while leading. Bell crashed heavily, falling from a height of about 20’ while carrying high forward velocity at the same time. Bell’s 6D helmet performed extremely well during the crash event. Bell received no head injuries and was able to return to competition in the LCQ where he raced forward capturing a position for the main event. Bell was emotional and ecstatic to transfer after the horrendous crash in his heat race.

6D’s unique patent pending ‘ODS’ (omni-directional suspension) system performed as designed mitigating a high percentage of the energy generated by the impact. Zach’s crash was of the nature that generates significant angular acceleration forces along with translational linear force within the helmet’s interior environment. Angular acceleration force directly contributes to the onset of concussion and potential traumatic brain injury of which Bell had no symptoms after his crash. This was confirmed after Bell was evaluated by the Asterisk Mobil Medical team immediately following his crash. Bell experienced a second accident in the main event once again testing the helmet with a significant impact to his head. Again, he was cleared by the medical team after successfully passing the Scat 2 concussion test for a second time. Bell was beat up and bruised, but generally okay after his 2 accidents.

Robert Reisinger, Director of Engineering at 6D stated, “After examining both of Zach’s helmets from Dallas, I’m even more impressed with our technologies’ capability to protect the athlete in the field of competition. Our lab results are impressive, but you never know what a real-world accident will show. We are very pleased with the successful outcomes of both Eli  and Zach’s accidents and it confirms what we expected from the lab tests. The helmet’s shear-away visor screws also performed as designed breaking loose on impact and there-by allowing the helmet to slide and not catch on the track surface. This was a benefit to both riders in their individual crashes as well.”

Bell will make his return to the race track this Saturday for round 8 of the Monster Energy
Supercross in Atlanta, Georgia, where he will compete for a podium result.

About the 6D’s ATR-1 helmet: The 6D ART-1 off-road motorcycle helmet makes an entirely new helmet technology available to the athlete. 6D’s ‘ODS’ (Omni-Directional Suspension) technology is designed to be more compliant against lower-threshold energy impacts, while still providing all of the necessary protection required to manage an extreme impact. Additionally, the ‘ODS’ system significantly reduces critical angular acceleration energy providing unmatched protection to the athlete in low and high velocity impacts; a function traditional helmet designs are not equipped to address.

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