Ohio Motocross Association Introduction

February 11, 2013 10:15am

Submitted by Jarrett Strouble:

Motocross is a passion that has captured many of us. So much so that when a rider crashes, often times the first remark they make is: "Is my bike ok?" That may seem odd to some, but to us it is our way of life. The reward outweighs the risk of twisting the throttle and grabbing gears. Exciting racing and family fun lies ahead with the compass fixed towards premium motocross.

Something special is transpiring and set to unfold in Ohio. Two men, Jason & Jeremy have decided to twist the throttle and grab some gears in the Ohio MX scene. These two have formed OMA - Ohio Motocross Association! They are railing the berms of quality racetrack promotion and hitting the jumps of premium motocross racing as they live out their passion for motocross. Motocross done right is the objective while keeping the door open to everyone and encouraging a family environment.

OMA has secured some well known tracks in the likes of OIR, Malvern Racing, Briarcliff MX, Dirt World MX, MX 213, Beans MX, Chillitown MX, and Crow Canyon MX. All of these tracks have a reputation of being a good MX track. OMA offers an Overall MX Championship Series, a Moto Revolution Spring MX Series, a Hot Summer Nights MX Series, a GP Series and the pinnacle series is the Battle for Ohio MX Series to crown the Champion of Ohio MX. We will also be offering Church services at most OMA events. In our charter year we invite everyone; Bikes & Quads, Men & Women, and Boys & Girls!

What is being presented is a new and effective approach at raising the standards of motocross racing in Ohio. OMA has quality tracks with prudent people leading the way to produce the best Ohio MX has to offer. We look forward to you joining us in this great adventure of Ohio MX at its finest. We promise to work hard by pouring our heart and soul into every gate drop. So come ride with us as we raise the pulse of Ohio MX. You can find more information at www.omxa.net! See you at the races! BRAP!