Swizcorner: The Farewell

January 21, 2013 9:25am

In it’s formative years, before Supercross had an identity, tracks were more obstacle course than sections linkable by rhythm, creativity and horsepower. The sport grew legs, technology advanced and familiarity spawned comfort and daring; it’s identity was revealed. High flying intensity, linking sections and specific Supercross race craft developed as two strokes and their suspension components did as well. Through most of the ’90s that race-craft was fine-tuned, though saw little evolution.

As four-strokes entered onto the scene, their strengths became apparent. Though in their early iterations their weaknesses were also glaring and slowed the transition to them, that transition became reality and the sport was forced to evolve on every level. Track design, race craft, starting technique, preparation, conditioning, mental fortitude and other facets as well. It was no longer the sport it had previously progressed into. This was a whole new level of racing on every conceivable level. Mechanically, mentally and physically; and for riders spanning this paradigm shift, there were few who could make the transition gracefully, even fewer who could excel in it and none who could do so longer at the pinnacle, than Kevin Windham.

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