Kevin Windham Calls it a Career

January 19, 2013 10:10pm | by:
Kevin Windham Calls it a Career

Say it isn't so! The long road for Kevin Windham has come to an end. This afternoon at Angels Stadium, rumors spread that the 19-year pro was considering hanging it up. Remember, K-Dub hinted at this in our post-race interview with him after Anaheim 1, saying he's just worried too much about hitting the ground.

Tonight during opening ceremonies, he has made it official.

"It's been an amazing ride, the support from these fans and all the memories and the cheers," he said during opening ceremonies. "It has all meant so much to me."

We'll have more from Windham soon, for now, he's surrounded by teams and riders down on the floor, and then he'll do a victory lap. By the way, we hear he's still coming to the races for opening ceremonies work, so you'll still see him at a supercross near you.