The List: All-Time  Motocross Starts

The List All-Time Motocross Starts

December 28, 2012 12:30pm

We were doing a lot of bench racing lately on Supercross stats, including all-time wins, podiums and starts. Somewhere along the way, the topic spilled over to similar stats from the Nationals. We sent Aaron Hansel into The Vault to determine just who leads the pack all-time in most AMA Motocross Nationals entered. He literally just counted them by hand. The result? Well, we hope, an accurate List. And also, a Christmas present for our own Steve Matthes. And some interesting info for you.

All Time AMA Motocross National Starts
1. Tim Ferry - 192
2. Larry Ward - 187
3. Mike LaRocco - 186
4. John Dowd - 177
5. Barry Carsten - 175
6. Nick Wey - 160
7. Kevin Windham - 153
8. Steve Lamson - 153
9. Jeff Ward - 152
10. Robbie Reynard - 138
11. * Jason Thomas - 132 (We were only going to list the top ten but our little buddy JT was so close we mention him here anyway. 12th with 127 starts is some Carmichael guy.)

Tim Ferry tops the list of all-time starts in AMA Motocross history.
Racer X Archive photo