Texas MX Hall of Fame Inductees

December 20, 2012 2:25pm
With the rich history of racers from the Lone Star State, TexasMX.com has established the Texas Motocross Hall of Fame.  For 2012, the Texas Motocross Hall of Fame (TMHOF) honorees include a former national champion, a former national winner, and a former journalist.  Kent Howerton, Wyman Priddy and Kat Spann are the 2012 TMHOF inductees and will be the first three members of this group.  These pioneers helped pave the way which the sport took in its infinite stages.

“This is an awesome deal and I am proud to be a Texan” said Honoree Kent Howerton.  “When I started, it was just fun to ride.  The road was set for me because people would see me ride and offer me to go race somewhere.  Anyone that has abnormal desires never really knows where they can go.  I’m honored to be a part of this group.”

This annual date on the calendar will induct three members of Texas motocross history each year and define how every person has played a role in the state.  To read each inductees BIO, go to www.TexasMX.com.


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