realMotocross Spotlight: Vann Martin

December 11, 2012 9:10am

At the recent USA Championship presented by realMotocross at Cycle Ranch we had a lot of incredible talent show up and race. Whether from right around the corner or 100 miles away, everyone who raced gave it a great effort. During the event, a few riders really caught our eye and one of them was Vann Martin. Vann and his brother Parker ride and race together and dominated the USA Championship. We caught up with Vann and wanted to see what makes him so fast…

realMotocross: Hi Vann, how did you hear about the USA Championship at Cycle Ranch?
Vann Martin: I heard about the USA Championship because I've raced there since I was a little kid and have always heard about how awesome that race is.

How did you do in the USA Championship this year?
I did really well this year. I got 1st in all three of my classes - 250 Pro, 450 Pro, and Open Prosport. It was a great time racing and I won seven out of my nine motos

When did you start riding?
I started riding when I was three years old, but never raced until I was eight. I never really took riding and racing seriously until I was about ten

What was your first bike?
Trying to remember…I’m pretty sure my first bike was a Yamaha PW 50

Do you have sponsors? If so, who are they?
I ride for JAB Motorsports now and I'm sponsored by Scott, Shoei, Alpinestars, N-Fab, FMF, Speed Graphics, Silkolene, Rekluse, Mika Metals and everyone else that helps out JAB Motorsports. Thanks to all my sponsors that have helped me out so much already

Who have you looked up to in this sport?
I've grown up around many awesome pros and look up to them all. Just a couple include Tommy and Wil Hahn, Josh Grant, Matt Lemoine, Dean Wilson and many more pros that I now race against that are all bad dudes.

What brand are you racing this year?
This year I am racing a Kawasaki 250f for JAB Motorsports

What coast will you be racing this year?
This year I will be racing East Coast Supercross and all the outdoor nationals and I’m very excited for the start of the season.

Who's in your posse?
My posse includes all of my moto friends from Houston that I hangout with and Matt Lemoine, Matt Bisceglia, and Brady Kiesel when I'm in the Dallas area

Tell us about your brother and if you two race on the same teams? Same tracks?
My brother Parker is awesome. He's 12 years old and is really starting to get fast. He got 1st in 85 open at the USA Championship at Cycle Ranch this year. He is definitely going to be a fast kid to watch out for coming up through amateur races.