Racer X Tested: 2013 RM-Z270

December 10, 2012 9:10am | by:
Without a doubt the 2013 RMZ250 is one of the best 250’s and was one of the top two of nearly every test rider in this years shootout.  With that said you can always want more can’t you?

Who wants to leave well enough alone?   The reality is that as fun as 250F’s are to ride they are even more fun with more power and improved suspension.   At the same time we added a few mods for better durability and a few for looks.  Our hope is that all of these mods would give us a big increase in power and handling while not loosing durability and so far we seem to be well on track.   

The motor now is 269cc with a Cylinder Works big bore kit. This kit is a complete drop in kit that looks completely stock from the outside of the bike.  Yes, no one but you will know.   The Hot Cams Stage-2 cams were the next mod and they really help increase mid-top end power. The Hot Cams are designed to work well with the stock valve train and stock valve springs.  This keeps the cost down and does not require as often valve maintenance as a full race team cam.  
We also added in the new FMF Snap for added air flow to the engine and throttle response along with of course a FMF 4.1 full Ti system.  
The stock mapping as is really good.  We ended up using the grey (richer) coupler after testing in all three.  When the motor was stock we ran the white leaner coupler.  It was great that after all of the mods that no serious re-mapping was needed. The bike did not have any popping or bogging.  
We did add a bit of VP U4.4 to help even a bit more and since we don’t have to worry about being legal we are ok with this as a fuel choice.  
To finish off the motor we went to the one of the weaker spots for durability, the clutch.  A full Hinson set up is exactly what we needed as we know they last for a long time.   

To get this power all to the ground we are running the stock gearing which works great with the added power and Renthal chain and sprockets are the choice here.   

TCR wheel sets are used by a ton of pros, they are very light and strong.  Oh and they do look very cool.  Of course Dunlop MX51’s work good everywhere and the new MX51 FA front is our new top choice.   

Works connection clutch perch and bling pieces really set off the machine. The radiator braces provide a real benefit in crash situations and could help save a radiator.  
Decal Works custom graphics are just cool and allow you to do what ever you want.  MX plastics was able to help with some yellow and white pieces that really helps to brighten up the Suzuki.  

The Suzuki turns so well stock we didn’t really feel there was a need to mess with triple clamps or linkages to try and help things.  We just thought going after the suspension to fine tune it would be good.  

Race Tech tackled the new SSF fork and shock for the RMZ and they felt that the front might be a bit harsh so they wanted to make it a bit more plush and compliant while still preventing bottoming.   So, they added a compression and rebound Gold-Valve and re-valved all four circuits (low speed comp, high speed comp, mid valve circuit and rebound).  While using the stock fork spring initially we switched out to the one softer fork spring of .96 kg rate   
On the shock they were looking to get more traction while maintaining bottom resistance and keeping it stable.  Installed Gold Valves and a stock rear spring was still used.     

About every major product for this project can be obtained directly from Rocky Mountain ATV-MC: www.rockymountainatvmc.com

Cylinder Works               www.cylinder-works.com    515-251-4070
3mm Big bore Cylinder Kit 269cc    
Includes Forged Vertex Piston and Cometic Top-End gasket kit

Hot Cams                      www.hotcamsinc.com           515-402-8200
Stage two cam set

FMF Racing                www.fmfracing.com       310-631-4363        
Factory 4.1 RCT Ti Muffler         
Ti Megabomb header          

VP Racing Fuels            www.vpracingfuels.com    210-635-7744
U 4.4

Uni Filter                www.unifilter.com            714-535-6933
Air Filter  

CV4                    www.cv4.net            800-874-1223        
Formed Silicone Coolant hoses in yellow
High pressure radiator cap

Renthal                www.renthal.com         877-736-8425
Stock front and rear sprocket        
R1 Works Chain              
997 Twin Walls             
Dual compound grips                

Dunlop Tire                www.dunlopmotorcycle.com    800-845-8378
MX51 FA front  80/100-21
MX 51 rear   110/80-19

DeCal Works                                     ww.decalmx.com                    815-784-4000
Semi-Custom Graphics kit                      
Pre printed number plates backgrounds  

Attack Graphics            www.attackgraphics.com       800-336-5437        
Gripper seat cover

Works Connection            www.worksconnection.com     800-895-8292
Elite Perch    
Factory II  Stand   
Front brake cap
Rear Brake cap
Radiator Braces
Chain blocks  
Engine plugs
Oil filler plugs
Rotating font brake mount
Hour meter and mount

Hinson Clutch Components                www.hinsonracing.com         909-946-2942
Inner Hub/Pressure Plate Kit         
Billet Clutch Basket                                        
Fibers, steels and springs
Outer Cover

Moto-Master                 www.moto-masterusa.com    800-749-2890
270mm Oversized Rotor/Adaptor Bracket 270mm OS Rotor -
270mm Adaptor Bracket -
Flame Rear Disc -

TCR Wheels—              www.wheellacing.com           209 368-9800
Custom turned and anodized stock hubs

Race Tech                www.racetech.com               951-279-6655
Suspension re-valve