FIM Regulation Changes Announced

November 21, 2012 10:05am

The Motocross/SuperMoto Grand Prix Commission, composed of Messrs Wolfgang Srb, Director of the CMS/FIM, Giuseppe Luongo, President of Youthstream, and Takanao Tsubouchi, MSMA Secretary General, meeting in Teutschenthal (Germany) on 22 September 2012, unanimously adopted the following changes to the 2013 Regulations.

Mr Stéphane Desprez, FIM Chief Executive Officer also attended this meeting.

Application 01 January 2013


1.       FIM Standards for Motocross Circuits

Art. 047.3.4 Speed

The course, if possible, should be of a type which restricts the average speed to a maximum of 65 km per hour (the average calculated for one complete race).

Art. 047.3.10 Repair and signalling zone

New paragraph: The repair and signalling zone must have a corridor in the pit lane to allow an uninterrupted passage throughout the entire length. This corridor should be marked by white lines throughout the entire event and remain free of parked motorcycles, equipment and people. Furthermore, there should be no excessive speed or overtaking in the pit lane. Riders should ride in a disciplined manner within this area.

Art. 047.4 Track marking and fencing c) Track marking New text of the paragraph: The exterior of the track may be marked by course markers, straw bales, foam rubber blocks, earth banking, advertising banners and flexible fencing green in colour.

2. FIM MX1, MX2, MX3, Women’s Motocross World Championships, FIM Motocross of Nations and FIM Veteran Motocross World Cup Regulations

Art. 2.2 Acceptance of entries

The maximum age limit of 23 years for the MX2 class is no longer valid for the FIM Motocross of Nations.

Art. 2.10 Rider Behaviour and Assistance (in addition to paragraph 28)

Watering of starting lanes by riders and/or team staff is prohibited.



TEL +41 22 950 95 00 FAX +41 22 950 95 01 WWW.FIM-LIVE.COMArt. 4.19 Official signals


Yellow flag, waved: Immediate danger, prepare to stop, no overtaking, jumping not allowed.

Red Cross flag: Medical staff on the track, proceed with extreme caution. Riders must roll each jump individually with no overtaking until past the area of concern.

FIM Junior Motocross World Championship

Art. 035.8.1 Acceptance of entries

In any case, the FIM and/or the FIM Championship Promoter can enter additional riders in each class before the end of the technical verifications prior to the event (not exceeding the maximum allowed number of entries per Federation and class).