Your Collection: Memorabilia

October 28, 2012 5:00am

This weeks collection comes to us from Ted Williamson.

I thought you and your readers might enjoy something from the old days in the form of my certificate from the Husqvarna International Training Center dated January 1974.

In those days the Europeans were my heroes and of course I wanted to ride just like them. So, who better to learn from than former World Champion Rolf Tibblin and desert racer Mickey Quade.

We were lodged at the Kon Tiki Hotel at the intersection of 24th and Van Buren Streets not far from Arizona Cycle Park. I roomed with a local hotshoe by the name of Bobby Blose and our hotel neighbors were a couple of up and coming pros by the names of Tom Rapp and Ron Pomeroy.

Also interesting is that during our week long course Rolf announce the signing of new Husqvarna factory rider Brad Lackey.

Though I don’t ride anymore, I am a fan and follow the MX nationals regularly.

Hope you enjoy my little piece of MX history.

Warm regards,