Yamaha Wake Up Call

Yamaha Wake Up Call

October 15, 2012 6:00am
Can-Am GNCC Championship
XC1 Points Standings
Paul Whibley 274pts Yam
Kailub Russell 270pts KTM
Rory Mead 205pts KTM
Thad DuVall 186pts Hon
Charlie Mullins 168pts KTM
Jordan Ashburn 160pts Yam
Chris Bach 160pts Yam
Garrett Edmisten 137pts Kaw
Nathan Kanney 133pts Hon
Takeshi Koikeda 126pts. KTM
Kailub Russell sits in second in the XC1 Class.
KTM photo

XC2 Points Standings
Jason Thomas 241pts HSQ
Steward Baylor 237pts KTM
Andrew Delong 229pts. HSQ
Jedediah Haines 183pts YAM
Brad Bakken 156pts YAM
Jesse Robinson 156pts HSQ
AJ Stewart 131pts. Yam
Zach Nolan 107pts. KTM
Scott Grills 105pts. Hon

Cody Gragg 102pts. Yam

GEICO AMA EnduroCross

Expert Points Standings
Taddy Blazusiak 129pts.
Taylor Robert 98pts.
Mike Brown
Cody Webb 93pts.
Colton Haaker 74pts.

Taddy Blazusiak leads the Expert Class.
Drew Ruiz photo

Weston Super Mare

1. Jeffrey Herlings
2. Shaun Simpson
3. Ken de Dycker

Australian Supercross Championships
Round 1

Open Overall
1. Jay Marmont
2. Dan McCoy
3. Jake Moss
4. Lawson Bopping
5. Tye Simmonds
6. Todd Waters
7. Billy Mackenzie
8. Cheyne Boyd
9. Jacob Wright
10. Sam Duncanson

SX Lites
1. Gavin Faith
2. Kade Mosig
3. Luke Styke
4. Steven Clarke
5. Ryan Marmont
6. Geran Stapleton
7. Keiron Hall
8. Scott Coloumb
9. Nicholas Sutherland
10. Mitchell Norris

Red Bull RE-MX
Steel City, Delmont PA


1. Cernics Johnstown
2. In The Blood Tattoo
3. Racer X
Dylan Slusser leads the charge to take the Cernics Johnstown team to the top step of the podium in the second annual Red Bull RE-MX event held at Steel City.
Photo: Andrew Fredrickson

Dade City MX
Round 17 Vortex Lites

1. RJ Hampshire

2. DJ Mac Farlane

3. Nicholas Guessford

Photo by Rob Koy