BTOSports  Racer X Podcast: Paul Thede

BTOSports Racer X Podcast Paul Thede

October 11, 2012 1:45pm

BTO Sports is your number one source for all of your motocross parts, gear, accessories and apparel. is a motocross company who is truly dedicated to the sport and to the customer. Proud sponsor of your Racer X Podcasts and the BTO Sports/BBMX Suzuki race team.

In this weeks second Racer X Podcasts, I call up one of the smarter men in the industry and get him to help all of us get smarter. Since 1984 Paul Thede has been tuning suspension for everything and anything and has built his shop up into a global suspension power. In this podcast Paul explains his beginnings in the industry, test riders, seat bouncing, his highly successful seminars and much, much more.

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