The Moment: Southwick

The Moment Southwick

August 14, 2012 10:15am

GECIO Honda’s Wil Hahn was laying nearly motionless, the weight of an almost 250 pound machine bearing down on him, nearly singeing his upper body. Suddenly, in a sport where individualism is personified, camaraderie among two athletes was formed.

“I don’t know what person wouldn’t do it—especially in that situation,” stated a humble Mike McDade. “I didn’t even think anything of it. It’s just one of those things you do.”

When McDade, the newest member of the Eleven10 Mods Honda team, did, as he said, “what anybody would do,” he came to the rescue of Hahn. Seizing the smoldering hot bike off Hahn, even holding it up for him as Hahn regrouped (after the two were involved in a second turn pileup)—he never imagined the positive outcry from fans across the nation.

“When I got done with the race, I was looking through my phone and I had something like 80 notifications, 18 messages and 40 friend requests on Facebook. I was in shock,” said McDade.

In the modern age of technology, where news travels faster than the blink of eye, McDade became an overnight star.

“I think I got like 200 or 300 new followers on Twitter. It has just kind of taken off,” said McDade.

While the story has spread like wildfire, McDade is not looking for exposure. The Pennsylvanian is very modest nowadays, something he accredits to the birth of his son. In fact, the good deed, itself, is a byproduct of McDade's new role as a dad.

"If this happened two years ago, I probably would have run him over!" joked McDade.

So with McDade focused on much more than his own goals nowadays, he's glad his new team was able to share the spotlight.

“I wasn’t really looking for anything out of it," said McDade, who came back to finish 25th in the moto (Hahn took 21st). "But I’m glad the team was able to get some exposure.”

Although McDade is not seeking the spotlight, it may have already found him. Something his over 300 and counting, new Twitter followers can attest to.