We All Ride Washougal Recap

July 25, 2012 11:30am

Round 8 of the 2012 Lucus Pro Motocross Championship was hosted in Washougal, WA over the weekend and We All Ride Athlete #800 Mike Alessi rode like a champ. This race would be a special one for Alessi not only because it is his first win in two years, but because this race was a home town race for the Motoconcepts team. For everyone that missed this race I am sorry about your luck, because I was on the edge of my seat the whole race.  Alessi grabbed the holeshot with his signature start and NEVER let the lead go. He was everywhere Dungey wanted to be going through the S-turns like a pro and storming up Horsepower Hill.  Alessi did a great job of protecting his lines and taking the Motoconcepts bike to victory lane in Moto 1.  He rode strong in Moto 2 but Ryan Dungey was able to get the holeshot and keep it.  # 800 Mike Alessi held a strong pace in Moto 2 and finished right behind Dungey for 1-2 finish for Washougal.  Congratulations #800 Mike Alessi on your 1st place finish in Moto 1 and a great 2nd overall.

#59 Vince Friese had a consistent weekend at Washougal with a 14th in Moto 1, 14th finish in Moto 2, and 12th overall. #57 Jake Canada finished 38th in Moto1, 14th in Moto 2, and overall finish of 18th.  #11 Mariana Balbi had a good weekend. She was able to grab a 4th place in Moto 1 just missing the podium, but in Moto 2 she held strong.  Mariana Balbi finished 3rd in Moto 2 for an overall of 3rd place.  Congratulations #11 Mariana Balbi on your podium finish at Washougal.