Tell Us Another Story: Ron Lechien

June 14, 2012 3:05pm
This was 1991 at the San Diego supercross, I broke my leg in 1989 and didn’t race at all in 1990. I had a try-out with factory Kawasaki for the 500 series but didn’t show up. I wasn’t ready for it. This year, in ’91, my dad, JT Racing and Mitch (Payton) got a bike for me for this one off deal. I might have even pitted with Mitch at this race. I got “Guess who’s back?” on the back of my pants here.

I did alright, I think I got 13th and went down in the first turn even. I broke my finger in the crash that I still have a nice reminder on my hand to this day. It pulled the tip of my finger right of the bone and it healed with a kink in it. It’s not too bad. I had a good time and was stoked to be out there. The jumps were a little bigger, I was a little older and I hadn’t been riding that much. But by today’s standard, if some guy hadn’t raced in a year and came back to get a 13th, that’s pretty killer. But to me, back then, it was win or nothing. My hand was hurting and I just tried to put in some laps, I just didn’t want to get dead last.

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