EKS Brand Weekend Report

May 30, 2012 8:30am

EKS BRAND racers had another amazing weekend putting
themselves on top of the podium once again!

XC2 Pro Lites Results: GNCC round 7 Masontown WV.

  1. Andrew DeLong (HSQ) EKS BRAND
  2. Jason Thomas (KTM) EKS BRAND
  3. Jesse Robinson (HSB)
  4. Jedediah Haines (YAM) EKS BRAND

EKS BRANDS Andrew DeLong and Jason Thomas set their sights ahead from the get-go as the two former teammates put on a clean and competitive show for the West Virginia spectators. It didn’t take long for the XC2 Pro Lites duo to make their way into the top of the overall runners, eventually pushing their way inside the physical top five by the end of the race.  Obermeyer Yamaha/Raines Riding University/Offroadviking.com’s, EKS BRAND goggle racer Brad Bakken grabbed the $100 Motosport.com XC2 Holeshot Award but ran into problems after that.

Bakken’s teammate, Jedediah Haines, is coming off his first-ever XC2 podium finish at Round 6 and secured fourth in the class.  

XC1 Pro results: GNCC round 7 Masontown WV. 7. Jordan Ashburn 8. Chris Bach

EKS BRANDS, AmPro Yamaha’s Jordan Ashburn finished seventh, just ahead of Obermeyer Yamaha-backed Chris Bach, who came in eighth after struggling with bike setup issues all day.

Brittish Motocross Championships round 4, Milton Park. MX-2 Eliot Banks Browne, 1st MX-1 Kevin Strijbos, 8th.

The fourth round of the 2012 Maxxis British Motocross Championship will be remembered as a bittersweet day for the EKS BRAND, HM Plant KTM UK who pick up one red plate but lose another during a day of very mixed fortunes. Clear blues skies and blazing sunshine greet racers and race fans alike at a revamped Milton Park for the fourth round of this year’s eight stop series. Having steadily improved throughout the year Elliott Banks-Browne proves just what he’s capable of with three class wins in MX2 that not only give him the overall win on the day but also the lead in the championship. Such is Elliott’s dominance he manages to turn a 15 point deficit into a 19 point lead as the championship hits its halfway mark. By contrast the team’s MX1 rider Kevin Strijbos’ day is one to forget as bad luck and then some more bad luck means he slips from first to third in the championship chase. In race one mud and stones jam on his rear brake on, meaning he has to stop and clear the debris by hand before he can charge through the pack from last to ninth. Race two sees the Belgian star take a steady third and then race three ends in a no-score as a freak technical problem forces him to retire, his throttle cable broke! That zero score hands the series lead to STR KTM’s Matiss Karro and dumps Strijbos back to third although he’s still just 10 points behind the leader. Kevin

Strijbos MX1 #22
“It’s been a bad day. In the first race I got a bad start but I came through quickly to fifth which was okay but then in a deep rut my rear brake pedal got jammed with mud and the rear brake stuck on and the bike stopped. I was kicking at it to try and free it off but that didn’t work so I had to stop and free it all with my hands. Because it was only the second lap everybody passed me and I ended up last so I had to charge back through the pack for ninth which was pretty good.
“In the second race I had another bad start but I was able to pull through to third quite easily and after that I just found myself cruising – I just wasn’t feeling it today so I was happy with third. “In the third race my throttle broke and it was over. It was a bad day – I had a 31 point lead coming here but now I’m 10 points behind. It’s not a problem, I know the next two tracks in the championship quite well, I like them and I’m looking forward to going there so I can get back the red plate!”

Elliott Banks-Browne MX2 #44
“It went really well today. I’m so happy with the result, I went 1-1-1 and I’ve never done that before so I’m pumped – I’ve got the red plate too and so I couldn’t be happier. The track was so tough today, it was really hot and that last race was so gnarly with all the dust but I kept it together and managed to get the overall and the championship lead. Desertmartin is next, I like that track a lot and hopefully I can do the same there, take three wins and extend my championship lead.”

AMA Motocross round 2 Freestone Texas. MX-1 Kyle Chisholm 19th... Not a good weekend for "Chiz"! Thank you to all the EKS BRAND racers.