The List: X Factor

The List X Factor

May 24, 2012 3:30pm
This week, the first commercial company to attempt to send a spacecraft to the International Space Station began its mission. The company launched their Falcon 9 Rocket, carrying a Dragon spacecraft, into orbit. No longer is the Space Station exclusive to government-backed trips.

The company behind this mission is called Space Exploration Technologies, but they got by SpaceX for short. Yes, the company is called SpaceX! Their website is

Of course, we here at Racer X are well aware of the power of the X, as is anyone who watched the Speed Racer cartoons and saw the Racer X character on there (yes, we are aware of that). There’s a band called Racer X (yes, we are aware of that, too).

There’s a lot of darned Xs out there. So we’re running through a few of the ones we found for The List.

1. Racer X (us)

2. Racer X (Speed Racer)

3. Racer X (the band)

4. Space X


5. X Brand Goggles

6. Super-X "Pump Defender" Shotguns

7. Super X Australasian Supercross Championships (now defunct)

8. X Games

9. Moto-X Super X at the X Games (defunct)

10. Moto-X Game

11. American History X

12. The X Factor (Simon Cowell)

13. TheRealXtina (Christina Aguilera's twitter page)

14. X-Men (Marvel comics)

15. Rain-X (windshield water repellent)

16. XM Radio (Using space long before Space X)

17. Xbox (You have one)

X Brand Goggles

18. Xtreme clothing (Old gear and casual clothing brand)

19. X Fighters (Red Bull freestyle extravaganza)

20. The X Files (Old FOX TV show)

21. XHelli R/C Helicopters

22. XTerra (Off-road triathlons)

23. XTerra (Nissan SUV sold in the USA)

24. X-Trail (Nissan SUV sold outside the USA)

25. X-Hose (The incredible expanding hose!)

26. Xrail (Shotgun accessories)

27. Eye X Care (Eye care center in Ohio)

28. X Gun (Robotic paint gun)

29. X Kings (online game)

30. X Bike (Stationary bike)

31. X-1 (X minus 1, a radio show from the 1950s.)

Garth Milan photo