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Racer X Tested: 2012 YZ125

Our YZ125 needed some repair after sucking some dirt and some questionable gas. Vertex Piston and Millennium fixed up the parts like new.  While we were at it, we added a few mod parts to give us a bit more grunt in the motor. Watch the video to see David Pingree shred on the freshly tuned bike, and see below for all the parts used.  

Vertex Pistons      515-270-2302
Pro Replica Piston kit    (ring, pin and clips)    23119B  $117.33

Millennium Tech          920-893-5595
Strip, re-pair damage and re-plate to stock size        $229.95
Cylinder head repair             $52.45
Normal turnaround is approx 7 working days in house not including transit time.

Cometic Gasket                                800-752-9850
Top End engine gasket kit                C3105 $ 33.17

FMF Racing             310-631-4363        
Fatty chrome exhaust            $229.99
Shorty Silencer             $119.99

MotoTassinari                603.298.6646
V-Force Reed Cage               $148.00

Motosport Outlet           888-676-8853
All mod parts are available directly from at even more    

Optional performance parts
Uni Filter                  714-535-6933
Air Filter  NU-3230ST                        $29.95

Renthal               877-736-8425
Stock front and rear sprocket             $25.95 and $64.95 for the rear.
R1 Works Chain                                 $81.95
997 Twin Walls                                   $119.95
Original grips                                      $12.95

Dunlop Tire          800-845-8378
MX 71 front  90/100-21        $102.79
MX 51 rear   100/90-19        $111.19

DeCal Works                                               815-784-4000
Semi-Custom Graphics kit                   $199.95   
Pre printed number plates backgrounds  $69.95

Moto Seat               951-258-5229
Custom Cool seat cover

Works Connection                     1-800-349-1475
Elite Perch Body         $79.95
Elite Perch Thumbwheel     $37.95
Elite Perch Lever         $37.95      
Factory II  Stand          $99.95
Front Billet Brake cap     $27.50
Rear Billet Brake cap         $24.95
Radiator Braces         $69.95
Axle Blocks              $49.95
Oil filler Plugs         $24.95
Rotating Bar Clamp        $27.50
Frame Guard Pr.         $65.00

Silkolene                                           817-581-8616
Lubricants and Oil